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How much does identity design cost?

An obviously important question, but one that can’t be answered without details of your design/web/print project. Your company is different from every other, so it makes sense to tailor a quote to your individual needs.

Click pricing varies depending upon a large number of factors. Take the size of your company as an example. A small-sized enterprise might have just one person responsible for identity usage, whereas a large multinational might require an exhaustive documentation analysing the competition, exploring a wide range of design variations, and arriving at a set of branding guidelines.

Comparing the design industry to any other is by no means exact, but the, “How much for a logo?” question is kind of like asking an estate agent, “How much for a house?”.

But saying that we do have a price list so please ask

How long will the project take to complete?

At the beginning of each project we’ll set some delivery timeframes, such as when you can expect initial ideas, and how long possible revisions may take. As each project is different, we wait until learning about your needs before providing a deadline. Depending upon complexity.

Can you start right away?

With a pasionate team powering Click, it’s possible we can start within a day of initial contact. We always pay close attention to current clients and their ongoing projects. Taking on too much work at once will adversely affect the outcome — something we won’t do. If this is a case then you will be offered a time frame straight away.

What exactly do I receive when you send initial design ideas?

We will normally send you a PDF file with logos shown over a number of pages. We display your designs in a variety of formats, such as in 100% black, a softer gray, reversed on a dark background, and possibly using a distinctive colour scheme (although colour is often left until the latter stages, once the idea has been finalised. We also go into great detail as to how we arrived at a solution and the thought process that went into this.

What filetypes do you provide?

Adobe Illustrator (.ai) or Encapsulated PostScript (.eps) are the main filetypes provided. The brandmark will be in vector format, which means it can be scaled to any size necessary without loss of quality. From either of these files, and with the proper software, you will be able to create any other filetype necessary (.jpg, .png, .gif, etc.). We are more than happy to help with specific file requests, and will answer questions if you’re in any way unsure.

Do you create style guides for your brand identities?

Providing a style guide is certainly an option, and is dependent upon individual client needs. If you’re in a company where only one person is responsible for using the design, a style guide is much less important than if you’re part of a 500 person strong organisation. Guides are supplied as a PDF file, and can be from a single page in length to upwards of 10 pages. They contain usage instructions, such as colour codes, minimum reproduction size, correct page positioning and isolation areas.

How much of your project research is based upon client competition and their identity designs?

A great deal. Evaluating the competition is a necessary part of the process, and should be expected from any graphic designer. Even though we research client competitors for every project, some clients choose not to have this stage documented and supplied, thus saving money, although we still undertake this behind the scenes

Can we meet in person or talk on the telephone?

Absolutely. All clients receive account handler or designers contact/mobile phone number, and we are available between 9am and 5pm GMT, from Monday to Friday (except during weekends and holidays).

Can you offer help with printing?

Yes. Our sister brand Click Print Solutions can cover any extensive commercial printing, and we are more than happy to offer advice about how you can save money.

How do you accept payment?

With most design / web projects, we request a 50% downpayment prior to scheduling the work. This is payable by a number of methods: via bank transfer, PayPal, or by sending a bank draft in GBP (Great British Pounds). All details are included in your initial invoice, and the remaining 50% is payable upon completion of the project, prior to supply of original artwork. For print jobs we request a 100% downpayment.

Will you use current trends for my design?

Trends show where we’ve been, and can give a glimpse into where we’re going. We don’t, however, create designs based solely upon trends, because we don’t want you coming back to Click in a couple of years time when your identity is out-of-date. The brandmarks we design are intended to last the duration of your business, not to look trendy. As a member of our studio says, fasions fade where style remains!

Will you feature my new brand identity in your portfolio?

We reserve the right to showcase designs in our promotional work, but it’s not guaranteed yours will be included. At the time of writing, there are more than 15 new projects waiting to be added to the portfolio. Finding the time to document each individual process isn’t straightforward. Of course agency work will only be added after gaining your written permision.

Will you feature my new brand identity in your portfolio?

Should you have any questions of your own, by all means drop us a message using the contact form here.