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  • Rockit Urethane Dumbbells

    0 out of 5

    • Premium urethane
    • High grade solid steel core
    • One step multi-color manufacturing process
    • Quenching processed hard chrome handle for durable use, with safe knurling provides better grip feeling
    • 2kg increment from 2kg to 60kg
    • SGS REACH-SVHC testing certified.
    • Polylon packaging
    • Available in 4 colours, Red, Yellow, Grey & Blue

  • Tour de France Bike

    0 out of 5

    Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned cyclist, the new Tour de France Indoor Cycle brings an authentic, engaging cycling experience designed to train your body for life and sport.  The maintenance-free Gates Carbon Drive™ system combines the quiet, smooth ride of a belt drive with power and efficiency of a chain drive.

  • StairMaster Air Bike

    0 out of 5

    The Air Fit offers a robust design and features dual action wind resistance that provides a total body cardio workout. The resistance is determined by how hard the user works; the harder the bike is pedalled, the higher the resistance becomes, allowing for a wide range of users. Recommended by fitness star Joe Wicks. – @thebodycoach

  • StairMaster Gauntlet

    0 out of 5

    StairMaster 8 Gauntlet pre-programs will take you through an intense and effective routine. Choose to climb the steps of famous landmarks like the Eiffel Tower or just aim and hold when you’ve reached a heart rate target to get a brilliant, low impact workout with satisfying results.

  • True Stretch

    0 out of 5

    The TRUE Stretch is a revolutionary concept that uses the natural approach to flexibility training.  It helps users look and feel better while reducing their risk of injury.  The TRUE Stretch provides a dedicated, self-contained stretching area that allows users a safe platform for comprehensive stretching to increase flexibility.  The TRUE Stretch eliminates the need for floor-based stretching or leaning uncomfortably over other equipment.

  • Freemotion Row

    0 out of 5

    The GENESIS™ Row helps to build core strength while preventing injury. Independent arm movements allow for specific exercises that target muscles in the back, shoulders and arms. Plus, the GENESIS™ Row engages your stabilizer muscles helping you improve core strength and overall balance.

  • Freemotion Tricep

    0 out of 5

    The GENESIS™ Tricep functionally trains the arms and shoulders to work together in gripping, pushing and lifting movements. Muscles targeted are the forearms, triceps and shoulders. Plus, the GENESIS™ Tricep engages the core and stabilizer muscles to improve overall strength and balance.

  • Freemotion Quad

    0 out of 5

    The GENESIS™ Quad functionally trains anterior leg muscles to work together for greater stability and mobility at the hip and knee. Single-leg movements allow for a variety of exercise motion and increase balance. Plus, it engages your stabilizing muscles to improve overall synergistic strength from head to toe.